Bollywood online casino key performance indicators

With the advent of Bollywood online casinos, land-based gambling establishments have gradually faded into the background and are of less and less interest to the audience of players. This is due to the fact that video slots can be played anywhere and anytime, betting in the desired currencies and getting great online casino bonus.

Key performance indicators: what is it and what is it used for

As you know, the process of opening an online casino consists of two main aspects: technical and marketing. Each of them is important in its own way for the successful operation of the project. The first one includes buying or renting a platform, software integration, getting a license and other aspects.

We described the technical part above, but now let's look at the marketing component. After creating an online casino operators need to deal with its promotion and attraction of players. To do this, various casino marketing tactics are used: advertising, partnerships, reward systems, loyalty programs and others.

Of course, every casino owner wants to stay in the black and get the maximum benefit from the chosen strategies. That is why he should know about the clear metrics to analyze the success of his project - KPI (Key Performance Indicators).

Key performance indicators are needed to clearly visualize the results of the casino and the further development of the online resource. To correctly calculate them for your casino, it is worth to understand what types of metrics exist. So, in the online gambling industry KPI are divided into the following types:

  • monetary;
  • human;
  • combined.


With the help of casino KPI analysis you can assess the success of your own online project, see its advantages and disadvantages, as well as understand in what directions the resource should be promoted.

To track KPIs, you need a multifunctional platform with a clearly functioning system of data collection and analysis, which are fed into the system and then turned into a clear guide for the operator.